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Throughout the year, our Village Builder volunteers have powered our village – helping to build a strong foundation.  We are now working with a group of volunteers who will provide support to our members in New Castle and Portsmouth.

As you can imagine, public health advisories restricting social contact has changed the way we can help.  It’s important to us that everyone remain safe.

We are planning to provide volunteer support to run errands (to the grocery store, pharmacy, pet store and maybe to pick up some garden supplies if outside work will feed your soul).  We will also do phone check-ins and support.

To make this work, we are:

  • Updating our orientation and training to focus on these specifics
  • Obtaining essential supplies for our volunteers (gloves and sanitizing wipes)
  • Developing procedures for helping organize payment for items that are not pre-ordered with credit cards
  • Finalizing our phone trees and check-in protocols

Once we are operating normally – here’s how it will look…

The biggest benefit that many Village members describe is connection – feeling that they are part of something.  Our members will develop new ways to connect with each other, learn and grow.  Some examples of benefits that most Village members enjoy…

Help from volunteers or staff members with..

  • Transportation (for shopping, errands and other appointments)
  • Help with light home maintenance and chores
  • Help with those gadgets – computers, televisions, phones and mobile devices
  • Friendly visits when a little extra support is needed
  • One number to call for information, problem solving, and to learn more about resources
  • Referrals to a network of recommended professionals and service providers

It’s not all about problem solving!  Our members will also be invited to connect with one another and our community through invitations to...

  • Social events
  • Educational offerings
  • Cultural activities
  • Volunteer opportunities – in our Village and beyond

If you are interested in becoming a Seacoast Village Project volunteer or a member,
please fill out this short interest form and we will contact you.


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