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Why do people join the Seacoast Village Project?

Our members join for a variety of reasons.   Some want to broaden their network of acquaintances and find others with similar interests.  Some like the idea of knowing that other SVP members and volunteers will be there for them should the need arise. And yet others join to support the concept – to help us build this network of caring that we all will be able to rely upon.

Why should I join if I haven’t yet retired or am in my 60s and in good health?

Many of our members are still working – full time, part time or in key volunteer roles in our community. We all know that health can change unexpectedly at any age.  Joining the Seacoast Village Project before you need help can help take some of the stress out of these challenges.  You can be more confident that the supports you need will be in place for that time after an elective surgery, sudden illness, or other unexpected event. 

What are the membership dues?

Our annual membership dues are $250 for an individual and $300 for a household.

If I have a question or would like to request some help, what would I do?

Just ask!  Our members have access to our special Member Services number and can call to ask a question or request a service.  They also have access to our website, where they can request services directly. 

What services are you able to provide during this COVID-19 pandemic?

We have been offering services that require minimal contact between people.  Most popular now are shopping (grocery, pharmacy, home and garden stores, pet stores), errands (pick up and drop off), and outside seasonal work (changing lightbulbs, minor repairs).  We have some volunteers who are willing to do some indoor tasks with appropriate COVID-19 precautions – these are scheduled on an individual basis.  Some volunteers are also offering rides on a limited basis. 

What kinds of activities are you able to offer?

In this time of COVID-19, our options for gathering are limited – but we are creative!  We will let you know about planned Zoom offerings and outdoor and indoor gatherings when they are safe.  We have no required or minimum participation level.  We hope you will want to attend many events, but it is up to you to choose how often you participate – and what you want to do.  Most of the events organized by SVP are offered at no charge to our members. 

What are some of the other benefits of being a member?

We have a very comprehensive database of local health and human service providers, as well our own list of member-recommended vendors (tradespeople, yard care workers, contractors, etc.).

Is there an age limit for members?

Our members range in age from the 50s to the early 90s.  Our median age is in the mid-70s.  We are an age-friendly organization, celebrating personal growth by interacting with others of all ages and experiences.  We have learned age is just a number.

Instead of joining, can I just be a volunteer?

To have a strong village, we stand together to build a community we can rely on.  At the Seacoast Village Project, we are all members.  Some of us volunteer. The strength of our village depends on having engaged and equal relationships with each other.

How do I join?

It’s easy!  Simply complete an application form and include your membership check.  Once we receive it, someone on our Member Services team will be in touch to welcome you and help you get started.




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