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Dan and Karen Waintroob, Hampton

How long have you lived on the Seacoast? What prompted you to move here? 

We raised our two sons in Merrimack, NH and really loved being in this state. For work reasons, Karen and I moved to Maryland (DC area) for a few years. When I received an offer for a new job in 2006 that covered our relocation to anywhere in the US of our chosing, we picked NH. The Seacoast region had a great deal of appeal to us (one of our son's now lives in Greenland with his family) and so we moved to Hampton. 

What did you do professionally? 

Karen has 30 years of landscape design and Dan worked for a variety of engineering/consulting firms in the US and abroad supporting energy efficiency programs that electric utilities and governments offer their customers. Currently, Dan still works part-time as an adjunct teacher for SNHU’s business school and does occasional consulting work.

How do you like to spend your time nowadays? 

Karen enjoys gardening and consulting on garden designs. Dan helps garden, skis and plays tennis. Both Karen and Dan enjoy various social events such as wine tastings.

Why did you join the Village? How does the Village fit into your long-term plans? 

We like the concept of neighbors helping neighbors and to grow out local network.

What aspects of the Village are you most interested in? 

The social events plus help in finding reliable vendors to help with home maintenance.

What would you say to a friend interested in joining the Village? 

Members helping members so they can stay in their homes. 

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