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Susan Getman (L) & Merle Jacobs (R), soon-to-be Portsmouth residents

You are in the process of moving to the Seacoast. Why have you decided to relocate here and what are you most looking forward to about living in the area?

We are relocating to Portsmouth primarily because Susan has a large family in the area and has planned to move here for years. It is also a beautiful city and close to the ocean, which is important to Merle, and close to the mountains, which is where Susan finds both great peace and inspiration. 

We are both happy that it’s an easy ride to Boston to see our friends and family. Moving to Portsmouth is a great example of the childhood song: “Make new friends and keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold!”  We have already had a “taste” of the community that can be found in Portsmouth and look forward to becoming part of it!

Merle appreciates all of the arts that are available in the area and looks forward to exploring different venues. While Susan loves the wonderful music that can be found in Portsmouth, she finds great joy in downhill skiing, hiking, biking, rock climbing and kayaking and so is thrilled to be moving closer to mountains and waterways alike!

What motivated you to join the Village now as opposed to waiting until you were settled in?

Merle learned about the Village-to-Village network years ago and has always appreciated the grass-roots approach to connecting people and to being of service. We thought it would be a good idea to start to get to know our people and to learn more about the various neighborhoods where we might choose to settle. Additionally, joining early will afford us the opportunity to learn about Portsmouth’s cultural events, and its community, as well as various part-time volunteer and/or work opportunities. 

You both jumped right in after becoming members and volunteered to help with a Village event. Tell me what you did and what inspired you to participate?


In the course of exploring membership with Seacoast Village, we had met Nancy who was wonderfully welcoming and told us about the Tall Ships viewing party that was coming up. She suggested that it would be a great way to meet others in the Seacoast Village community. We brought food (we love to cook for others!) and helped set up for the party. We were warmly welcomed by new and veteran members alike. We met lots of interesting and spirited people. So much fun!


What role do you see the Village playing in your new life?


We would like to join social activities as we get settled in Portsmouth and Susan will be looking for others who love skiing, hiking, biking and paddling as much as she does! We see many opportunities to volunteer through the Village and look forward to learning more about this. (Susan has a certified therapy dog, Daisy, who already volunteers with children, teens and seniors here in Massachusetts. They are both ready to bring smiles and cuddles to Villagers too!) 


Merle hasn’t moved out of state since her daughter was born in 1989 and Susan has raised her two children in the same house where she has lived for over 42 years. It's going to be a big adjustment for both of us and creating community for ourselves is, therefore, very important. We are excited to meet new friends, be of service to others, and to start our next chapter together.  

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