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April Weeks, Portsmouth

How long have you lived on the Seacoast?

I’ve lived in Portsmouth for 45 years, after growing up in New Jersey, and spending time in Boston and Los Angeles. I came to Portsmouth for a job first with the Visiting Nurses, then the Seacoast Regional Counseling Center. 

What did you do professionally?

I worked as a registered nurse, and then became a psychologist, working in private practice here in Portsmouth, and as a school psychologist in Hampton and Kittery. I also served on local and statewide boards.

How do you most like to spend your time now?

We loved to ski and hike when we were younger, and still love long walks and drives downtown and on back roads. We can drive to the Kittery Trading Post, take a left, and stay on backroads for hours.

Why did you and your husband join the Village? How does the Village fit into your long-term plans?

We are retired and returned from a project in Nicaragua, and looking to get involved more locally. We are also members of our local Elks’ Lodge, where we work supporting Veteran’s benefits. Also, we believe that successful aging in place won’t happen without planning and education on our part. The resources of the Village dovetailed well with out current need. Plus, the people I met were delightful.

What aspects of the Village are you most interested in?

I am beginning to work on the Healthcare Services Committee, and looking forward to continuing that effort. We both look forward to becoming more involved with educational and social events as the summer activities fade.

What would you say to a friend interested in joining the Village?

I would suggest to a friend that our Village offers a unique opportunity to join a caring neighborhood, both real and virtual, and engage in activities designed to benefit their senior years. Also, it is a service organization. Volunteering, in whatever capacity, can help keep us vibrant and involved.

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