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Getting to know John & Linda Woodard of Brentwood, NH

John and Linda are new arrivals to NH. They moved into The Villages at Three Ponds, a residential association in Brentwood, after having lived and worked in Massachusetts for nearly 50 years.

“The Villages at Three Ponds located on what used to be a campground, which is the only way you can find it on GPS so far,” reports Linda. "We moved in November, but we were familiar with the area because our daughter lives in Kensington.”

“It is up the road from the county jail and county nursing home. Either way, it will cover our needs,” jokes John. “Everybody in our community has been very welcoming. It was an easy move.”

What did you do prior to retirement?

Linda: “I started my own education consulting company many years ago after working in schools. I just work alone now and help kids find colleges. My work schedule is controlled so I guess I am half retired. “

John: “I am technically retired as an attorney, but still active as a consultant with ESC (Empower Success Corps). As an attorney, I concentrated in labor employment law. While ESC can be demanding too, it is enjoyable and stimulating. I can utilize all of my skills that I developed as an attorney, facilitation and mediation.”

How do you view retirement?

Linda: “On my bucket list is travel. We are lucky that we are near four of our grandchildren and their parents. Our other daughter, son-in law and two other grandchildren live in Maryland. I would like to spend more time with them while we can still drive down there. I would like to pick up a hobby, but up until now I did not have time for one. I am interested in gardening, but I am not sure yet --something creative.

There will be more things that we can get involved with as things eventually open up in our association, such as discussion groups and book groups. I would like to do some pro-bono work in this area, like my work in Boston, to help kids with college applications.”

John: “Making ship models has been a principal interest for many years. It goes back to when I was quite young making plane models. Then I started to make ship models after we were married. I saw a kit and then I was off to the races. I made a pledge to make a model for each grandchild. I have fulfilled that commitment. These models are strictly for show. The Charles W Morgan, a whale ship, was one of my first challenging models that took 1,300 hours to complete. I also enjoy walking and reading.”

Why did you become a Seacoast Village Member?

Linda: “We certainly could have used the support when we first moved in! We also see our involvement with Seacoast Village as taking off some pressure from our daughter who lives in Kensington."

John: “We foresee eventually having future needs. However, through the course of working with Seacoast Village as an ESC consultant, I appreciated what value the Village would be if not to me and Linda, then to others in our community. There are people here who could benefit."

How are you going about encouraging others to become a member of Seacoast Village?

John: “Our new neighbors need to hear about it. The first step would be to get somebody to speak at a quarterly association meeting. I think I have gotten the Board’s attention. To be together at an in-person meeting would be a big step towards developing a sense of community. That would be what I would recommend. I think it would attract a lot of interest. I think socialization is important too. We have become somewhat limited, but at least remain active in our minds if not totally in our bodies.”

Linda: "A lot of people like us are okay right now but would find it helpful to know that there is something out there that is not the typical medical stuff—other things that you might need help with. It is a matter of knowing what is out there. There is so much unknown unless you hear from somebody else who uses a service you can trust. Right now, we are capable of filling out forms, but some people might need that type of help—or just some assistance in moving furniture as you get older. There is a security to knowing that support is out there.”

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