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What brought you to the Seacoast?

We came to the Seacoast in 1981 to Lee because Rich was in the Air Force. We both loved the area and the wanted to stay here. Rich joined the Air National Guard and became the Assistant Director of Public Health for NH. 

What did you do professionally?

Rich is an epidemiologist working in Public health and served 2 terms in the NH Legislature. I am an RN with an MBA. I was an Executive Director in Home Health Visiting Nurse and Hospice organizations. I also taught health and business courses for Granite State College.

How do you spend your time now? What are your interests/hobbies or other involvements?

We both are in several community groups and have many activities. Besides our family and our dog Penny, I do a lot of art related activities and love to paint landscapes. I am in 2 galleries locally. Rich is a fabulous cook and loves boating and fishing.

Why did you decide to become a Village member? How does it fit into your long-term plans?

We want to stay in our home in Portsmouth as long as possible. We value the Village because it promotes independence, helps people stay connected and may offer some type of short-term assistance for us and our neighbors and friends in the future!

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