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What is the Seacoast Village Project? 

The Seacoast Village Project is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to building community, knowledge and support with seniors living at home. 

What is a “Village”?

Seacoast Village Project is a member of the national Village to Village Network. The Village movement started with Boston’s Beacon Hill Villages (founded in 1999); there are now more than 250 villages across the country with more than 100 others in development. Read more about the Village Movement.

What towns are part of the Seacoast Village?

The Seacoast region of New Hampshire is comprised of neighboring towns around Exeter, Portsmouth and Dover.  Learn more about our membership areas and how to connect with your Seacoast Village neighbors. 

How does a Village work?

The Seacoast Village Project is a member-run organization.  Members pay an annual fee to access benefits and services. Benefits include services that range from transportation to errands, as well as social events, and access to our list of member-recommended vendors. Learn more about the benefits of membership.

Who are Village members? 

Seacoast Village members range in age from the 50s to the early 90s with a median age in the mid-70s. The biggest benefit that many Village members describe is connection – feeling that they are part of something. Village members learn, grow and develop new ways to connect with and support each other. 

How can the Village help me stay in my home as I age? 

Village members who actively engage with the Village community by attending events and programs or volunteering to help other members in their time of need know that they can, in turn, rely on the Village network to support them as they age. The Village can be a valuable tool to keep you connected, provide referrals and information, or to help with practical supports in your daily life. 

What “practical support” services does the Village offer? 

Examples include: telephone check-ins, friendly in-person visits, referral/help with navigating/finding local medical and contractor resources, handyman tasks, yard work (planting, weeding, seasonal cleanup), outside storm preparation and recovery assistance, emergency planning, help with administrative tasks, post-hospital check-in and support, rides to outpatient hospital services, doctor appointments, and to events and errands.