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The pandemic may have slowed us down a bit, but it did not stop us from offering educational and social events via Zoom. You can revisit our sessions or view them for the first time if you missed them. 

Educational Events

Lunch & Learn: Demystifying Medicare & Medicare Supplements (Zoom recording) Pat Bennet clarifies the components of Medicare and talks about the important role (and the yearly challenge of choosing) Medicare Supplements and Prescription Drug Plans. Open enrollment (the period during which we can review and change our plans) is typically from mid-October through the first week of December. Learn how you can plan now for this important review. Pat is President of Longevity Planning in Portsmouth, NH and a certified long term care counselor with over thirty years of experience in insurance planning. (9/7/21)

Ancillary Document (PDF) Medicare 101 Slides from Pat Bennet's presentation

Lunch & Learn: Payng for Care (Zoom recording) As a health care manager, Nancy Euchner has often worked with people who are navigating the healthcare system and are faced with surprises about costs and insurance limitations. In this presentation, she discusses current average costs of care in the Greater Seacoast area, and how to plan ahead and develop strategies to deal with unexpected challenges. (7/6/21)

Lunch & Learn: Powers of Attorney-Choosing Wisely (Zoom recording) Attorney Andrea Sennott goes into depth about choosing an agent to make decisions for you in the event that you are unable to make them yourself. She shares insights into how Power of Attorney documents come into play should you become incapacitated and ways you can proactively prepare your agents to represent your wishes. (6/8/21). 

Ancillary Documents (PDF):  Designation of Personal Health Representative Form    NH Advance Directive Form 

Adapting Your Home So That You Can Live There As Long As You Wish (Zoom recording) Rob and Beth Daisy offer ideas, tips and tricks for what we can do to adapt our homes to create an environment that supports our freedom and safety. (5/13/21)

Related ArticleAging in Place Comfortably and Stylishly (Web link) As more baby boomers move toward retirement, more and more are designing  homes that will accommodate their needs even as they grow older and lose mobility. (New York Times 5/23/21)

Lunch & Learn: Palliative Care- (Zoom recording) Dr. Sarah Macduffie goes into more depth about the kinds of decisions that you or your loved ones may encounter should you become seriously ill. You will learn more about how the expertise of a palliative care team can help you articulate your wishes and make a plan. (5/4/2021)

Lunch & Learn: The Conversation Project (Zoom recording) Kate DeBartolo shares the work that the Conversation Project has done nationwide. She suggests ways to feel more comfortable naming trusted individuals to act on our behalf in the event that we can’t make decisions on our own due to serious illness or incapacity. She also gives ideas about how to raise the issue with family members or close friends. (4/6/21)

Lunch & Learn: COVID 19 Updates and Outlook (Zoom recording) Karl Singer gives us an update on infection rates, hospitalizations and vaccines. We had also discussed how to navigate vaccine status and testing, and how we are expanding our personal bubbles. (3/2/21)

COVID Long Haulers by Eliza Hobson (PDF) This article grew out of a Seacoast Village Project  Lunch & Learn session on Long Haulers. (2/21/21)

Annual Checkup: Financial, That Is! (Zoom recording) Kathy Donovan explains how to gather your records and key information to create a snapshot of what you have, where you have it, and what might need attention as we start a new year. Discover how what you do now can help you and your family for years to come – they will thank you! ( 2/16/21)

Post-Presentation Q&A with Charles Euchner about MLK: The March Goes On  (Zoom recording) This is the Q&A session after Charles Euchner's presentation about the 1963 March on Washington and the lessons that it offers to these perilous times.(1/21/21)

Lunch & Learn: COVID 19 Discussion Panel (Zoom recording) Our panelists Karl Singer, Sam Marwit and Nancy Euchner discuss COVID topics such as sizing up your personal risk, navigating your boundaries with others and how Village services will flex with local conditions. (8/31/20)

Social Events

Right Sizing Made Easy with Kristin Pacelli (Zoom recording) Kristin Pacelli, professional Senior Move Manager, offered us tips about how to take control of our space and possessions as we think about reducing your living space, donating our books and selling our mother-in-law’s silver. (3/25/21)

Happy Hour Book & Movie Discussion (PDF list of suggestions) We met for a Zoom happy hour to share what we were reading and watching and to hear suggestions from others. (2/25/21)

Holiday Piano Bar with Bob Mackaseck (Zoom recording) Bob returned to entertain us with some oldies and some holiday favorites. (12/17/20)

Piano Bar with Bob Mackasek (Zoom recording) Bob Mackaseck entertained us with oldies but goodies. (8/6/20)

Goeocaching 101 with Patty Evans (Zoom recording) Patty Evans explained and illustrated what this super fun hobby/sport/adventure/obsession is all about. (9/29/20)

Interested in what Seacoast Village events are going on now? Check out our events calendar.