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The Seacoast region of New Hampshire is at once one place and many places. The Seacoast Village is similarly one village with many neighborhoods. Our cluster model reflects our connectedness and also the unique relationships we all have with our particular towns.

Due to COVID-19, our volunteer-provided services are currently limited to Village members in Portsmouth and New Castle only. Once health restrictions are lifted, we look forward to reaching out to our other cluster areas.

Member events are open to all Village members and we are actively encouraging Seacoast residents across our cluster areas to become members today!

Exeter Area Cluster

  • Exeter
  • Stratham
  • Brentwood
  • Newfields
  • Hampton Falls
  • Hampton
  • Seabrook

Portsmouth Area Cluster

  • Portsmouth
  • Newington
  • Greenland
  • New Castle
  • North Hampton
  • Rye

Dover/Durham Cluster

  • Durham
  • Dover
  • Lee
  • Madbury
  • Newmarket